An experiment using GitHub’s Electron project to build a desktop application for Parasoft’s Project Center.


  1. Unsorted things are hard to find
  2. The product should push me towards keeping track of the work that I am doing.
  3. If I am not doing any work, the product should suggest something for me to do or remind me to keep track of what I am doing.
  4. I want tasks to be made as I fix the bugs that are kept in the bug tracking system.

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Open tasks


I aimed to simplify the workflow of Project Center to make it more developer driven. Project Center is good for organizing tasks from a manager’s perspective.

I also wanted a chance to explore building desktop apps using web technologies. Using Electron was cool way to see how Google’s V8 JavaScript engine was being used beyond the browser.

I also wanted to experiment with creating applications that were cross platform.

My tasks